The Escape Committee Website

The Escape Committee is a Brighton based design agency who specialise in creating high level experiences through the web and film. Over the years they have worked with some of the worlds leading music organisations such as ABRSM and IMG Artists. 

I recently worked in collaboration with them to design their new website, which showcases selected client projects and their ongoing creative activities. Playing a lead role in such a big project was an exciting yet unnerving experience! We are now working together to develop a fresh identity for the agency, which builds upon some of the concepts and visual language which I created for the site.

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Hand Eye Mind: Business Cards

The business cards that I designed for Hand Eye Mind arrived today - and they are stunning. The 600gsm thickness of the cards gives them a tactile quality which is very appropriate for the work produced by the woodwork company. They have also been triplexed with a seam of black between the layers of paper, creating a nice contrast and satisfying visual finish. 

Click here to see the design process behind the Hand Eye Mind logo.

Hand Eye Mind: Branding & Identity

“The plane is the most complex - as well as one of the most important - tools which the woodworker uses, and a high grade of skill is necessary to keep it in order as well as use it properly.” - Charles A. King

Over the past few weeks I have been working on branding my brother’s new carpentry company, Hand Eye Mind. The aim is to create an identity which will reflect the quality and craftsmanship of his bespoke, handmade products. The initial stage has been to produce a simple one colour logo (or mark) which will work across a variety of mediums - from stamps marking the bottom of wooden pieces to a logo in the header of a website. 

As a starting point I looked at the hand tools used by my brother - specifically the plane - which requires a lot of skill to use. When properly set-up and used, the plane produces clean, straight cuts while round, curled wood shavings stream off the blade. This has been my main source of inspiration for the final logo.

I can now move forward by deciding on an appropriate typeface and colour scheme for the brand, and start designing stationary and a website for the company. Check out the Hand Eye Mind blog to see his work and the development of his up-and-coming workshop.